"How To Be Debt-Free And Get To Work At Any Time You Wish, While Making Passive Income?"

Let me give you my Operation Zero Employees Program Worth $4,997 For Free!

Hi, my name is Patric Chan.

Apart from being debt-free, I think we all want to start an online business because we want to enjoy the "internet lifestyle" and the freedom we can enjoy.

I still do some work to operate my online businesses, but I work 8 - 10 hours a week, with the weekends off.

That's about 2 hours a day, and I usually work in the morning until lunchtime.

If that's your goal too, making a predictable monthly income from the internet and having time with your family (and for yourself too), this may be the most crucial letter you'll ever read today.

You see, I’ve been in this business for almost two decades now. That's 20 long years.

Believe it or not, I’ve even witnessed the birth of many of today's Internet Gurus - after all, most of us started together simultaneously.

I started in 2003.

And by 2005, I was getting invitations to speak at seminars and conferences worldwide!

Within the 3 years of 2005 and 2008, I’ve spoken in 11 countries, including the United States, Australia, China and the UK, as an authority on internet marketing. In some countries, I spoke many times in different cities. To date, I’ve spoken in 12 countries.

But after 2008, I stopped traveling worldwide to speak because I decided to spend time with my firstborn baby.

In 2013, I launched my online business seriously in ClickBank, and after that, I achieved Platinum status. After that, I've received the ClickBank Platinum Award - an award that only the 1% of the ClickBank seller gets. I have received one since the "paper certificate days" to plated awards.

Combining offline and online, many of my students have made millions using the internet. And it's common for some to be making 5 and 6-figure incomes.

Our product was even featured in Entrepreneur.com because it helped my student achieve success, and they picked up her success story.

My student's successes have motivated me to write three best-selling books about internet marketing.

One of them was a book co-authored with Robert G. Allen, the New York Times best-selling author of One Minute Millionaire, Multiple Streams of Income, and many other mega big bestsellers. It sold millions.

BUT What If I Would Tell You That...

"I Did All Of These With ZERO EMPLOYEES And Only Work 10 Hours A Week?"

Because I build a business that makes money as passively as humanly possible and more importantly, to give me freedom.

To achieve this, I use a different approach:

"How can you generate more profit, while scaling the business smaller?"

After all, the smaller the operation, the less overwhelmed you’ll get; you’ll also be making more money.

Simple science.

That’s how “Operation Zero Employees” operates, short for the Z.E.

Z.E model is about creating an ideal online business that can be your “online money machine”.

It all boils down to having a system in your business and a team (who doesn't need to be employees).

After "testing" this model for 5 years, I can streamline the formula into 3 core components for you to create predictable incomes...

1. Operation

2. Automation

3. Campaign

And three of these are interconnected to become a SYSTEM to help build an evergreen online business without even needing you to have your products to sell. If you have products, then the model is focused on selling them.

My summit sold out - weeks before the event

As long as you are building a digital business, it doesn't matter if you are a product creator, affiliate marketer or even want to sell offline training/seminars - the Operation Zero Employees model works!

It's so powerful I've even applied to promote an OFFLINE seminar by using the internet purely. For instance, previously, I've partnered with Anik Singal to promote an event here in Asia where he's the speaker. I don't need to speak.

In this arrangement, I'm the "affiliate marketer".

I organized the entire sold-out event with no employees.

And no product of my own is required too. I'm selling Anik's product, but I get to keep a portion of the profit made.

At the end of the campaign, I added 400 customers and made "money from thin air", doing something that I love and impacting lives.

The fact is, I rarely get involved with “trading time for money” activities anymore.

Hey, I've got 3 kids. Call me selfish if you want, but my priority is family. At 43, I'm not getting younger and want to make sure I "spend" my time wisely.

This Is Not Just For Having Freedom, But Doubling Your Income Or Even More!

While Z.E. was originally created to allow anyone using the system to achieve freedom, it has also proven to help increase your income with these 5 core "injections"...

1. Enhancing Your Brand To Attract Customers

My model is to focus on the "category of one" so that you become the preferred option when your customers compare who to buy from. Having the lowest price doesn't dictate being the preferred option, the preferred option is where your customers feel certain you're the solution for them or at least, the most trustable source. This is where your BRAND becomes critical.

2. One To Many

The strategies in Z.E model is not just on the automation aspect to create freedom for you but also on how to use the strategy for the mass. This way, it'll help you to increase your revenue - if you're already selling something, now's the opportunity to sell to many more people with a "single effort".

3. Increase Sales Conversions

For the past 20 years, I've made more mistakes than achieving success. Yet, that's what makes me so good at what I do.

You see, I could afford to make five mistakes, but with just one success, I'll be able to earn even more.

The logic? For each mistake done, I won't be repeating it again and on top of that, I've learned how to do it right. But when I get it right, I can continue to use it to generate multiple times of profits.

Inside the Z.E Model are specific scripts, follow-ups, offers, and conversion tactics that almost guarantee closing sales. For instance, my presentation formulas, regardless of whether on an offline stage or online webinar, are the SAME.

4. Getting Traffic

There's a clockwork system I use to get organic traffic for Z.E Model. It's also being automated so that it doesn't take up my hours to do it anymore. At the same time, whenever you need to get traffic immediately, you can "turn on" paid advertising to start getting leads and sales.

In other words, with Z.E, you'll always have traffic. And when you have a converting offer or funnel, you can easily increase your income by increasing your traffic.

5. Offers (Products)

In Z.E, I don't focus on products because the model is focused on building THE BUSINESS - products are simply one of the monetization options for your business. But if you do have products, regardless of whether it's products or services, there are ways within the Z.E framework on how to use them to increase your income.

Is This a Powerful System For You To Make Money?

Before you continue reading, just let me get it straight –

If you want to build a $100 million startup or become a CEO working in a big office space, this is not for you.

This is for those who want to run and own an internet business with total freedom – without the baggage of managing employees conventionally, without going to the office every day, without having high overhead costs, without renting big offices, and so on.

You get the idea.

It's for someone who wants to make 5 to 6 figures of monthly income...

And yet be able to work in Starbucks on their terms.

I mean, it doesn't have to be Starbucks – it could be in your preferred place to work. If you like, you could work in any country for that matter!

It's for someone who doesn’t want to be controlled by a boss or investors.

You can do whatever you want with your business - because you have the freedom NOW.


The 10-Week Operation Zero Employees Training Program

Imagine if you have all of the essential skills and strategies you need to succeed in starting and growing a digital business in 2024.

The 10-Week Operation Zero Employees Training Program contains everything I want to share. Here are the 10 weeks of training:

  • Week #1 Course: Zero Employees Entrepreneur. This is a very critical training - In fact, most people fail to launch anything online because they miss this (because they didn't purchase the Zero Employees Program :)). Especially for those who have been buying courses and joining programs and yet had no success, Week #1 will address this.

  • Week #2 Course: The Online Class Funnel. I will teach you how to build your online class funnel so that you can start building your mailing list and brand (and even start making money). Don't worry; you don't need to do a live class. it can be pre-recorded and I'll teach you how to set it all up so that it's automated. On top of that, I'll also be teaching you how to use A.I, so even if you don't have any content, don't know how to create presentation slides and so on, A.I can help you.

  • Week #3 Course: The Book Funnel. The other funnel that I use is the "book funnel". So, if you're not a "video person", alternatively, you can create a book funnel to build your list. I'll teach you my entire system.

  • Week #4 Course: Organic Traffic - Social Media. Once you have your funnels built, we'll start the training on how to start getting organic traffic from social media. At the same time, you'll also learn the strategies of how to use social media to build your brand and authority. As you build your digital business, prospects will go to social media to find you too.

  • Week #5 Course Monetization Part 1 - Affiliate Marketing. In Week #5, you'll learn my strategies on how to monetize your digital business and funnels by promoting other people's products to earn commission. Once you have learned this, you'll discover this to be the easiest form of monetization because you'll not need to create any salespage and products to sell.

  • Week #6 Course: Monetization Part 2 - Product Creation. Once you've built your funnel and monetized with affiliate marketing, you'll set some time apart to start creating your own product and offer to sell. In Week #6, I'll teach you how to create your paid offer.

  • Week #7 Course: Paid Traffic Using Ads. Advertising only comes in much later because you'll need to have a converting funnel before you can advertise. The good news is, you are now ready to "drive traffic on demand".

  • Week #8 Course: Digital Business Automation. I'll be teaching you some of the tasks that you're currently doing that can be automated - and also, new automations for your digital business to become more efficient and allow you to scale more.

  • Week #9 Course: Building Your Team In Operation. With the Zero Employees Model, I do not have any conventional employees. In Week #9, I'm going to expose how my operation works and teach you the Zero Employees model to build your team.

  • Week #10 Course: Operation Zero Employees Campaign. The secret to a profitable online digital business is launching marketing campaigns and having evergreen ones. The Campaign is focused on how to launch an offer, NOT a product, so you can apply this to almost anything you wish to promote.

How To Get It For Free!?!

I have good news for you - today, you can get the 10-week Operation Zero Employees Training Program worth $4,997 for free.

You see, the training program goes hand-in-hand with the marketing platform AutomationCart.

Please allow me to explain:

In order to turn your knowledge into a tangible business, you'll need tools to build it.

If you want to make money with email marketing, you'll need autoresponder software to manage your list and create automated follow-up emails.

You'll need a funnel builder if you want to sell a book with a sales funnel.

To sell digital products, you must have a membership to manage your digital content.

If you want to sell products online, you need to have a system to collect credit card payments and set up fulfillment automation.

To capture leads and build your email list, you'll need to an optin page.

If you want to build any online business, you must have professional website builder software...

And the list goes on.

This is where AutomationCart comes in and solve all of your problem. It is my brand new all-in-one marketing software to help my students launch their digital businesses. It's not just a funnel builder, it has many other features...

  • Create full websites and landing pages

  • ​Create optin pages, surveys and forms to build your mailing list

  • Customized follow-up campaigns and automated emails

  • Create membership areas and digital product portals

  • Collect customer credit card payments with upsell features

  • Build sales funnels with performance stats

  • All the analytics and reports

  • Social media marketing with schedule posts and mass posting

  • And many more!

When you join AutomationCart today, you'll get my entire blueprint for building a digital business for free, you'll get instant access to the 10-Week Operation Zero Employees Training Program.


At the same time, when you join today, you'll also get the 3 bonuses below for free. These bonuses are hand-picked to suit 10-Week Operation Zero Employees Training Program and AutomationCart...

BONUS #1: The Comprehensive Email Marketing System Worth $997

This step-by-step training program will turn you into an email marketing expert, even if you have never sent out an email for promotion before!

Initially, it was created for my coaching students who have paid $2,400 to join. I wanted to train them how to become email marketers so that they can start making money when building an email mailing list.

As you progress through the training, you'll learn advanced strategies such as list segmentation, email copywriting, the Email Serializer Strategy, etc.

BONUS #2: The NFTs for Creators Workshop Worth $997

This is the comprehensive A-to-Z training on "NFTs for Creators" that I’ve created. In it, you’ll learn how to become an NFT Creator and how to use NFTs to start and grow a digital business for Web3. There are 3 phases I’ll be teaching – prelaunch, launch and postlaunch.

It's based on my success of creating and launching my first NFTs as a Creator. After you've learn this, you could even be building a digital business based on NFTs.

BONUS #3: The AutomationCart Workshop Series Worth $297

This is a series of workshops, total of 7 classes. Once you've gone through this training, you'll learn how to become an AutomationCart expert to use the platform to help you launch and grow your digital business quickly.

You'll learn how to quickly create landing pages and even launch your sales funnel to sell products online.

Honestly, Operation Zero Employees is probably my greatest breakthrough for the past 20 years in this business.

And you happened to be here at the right time because I will train you for free.

Seriously, I doubt you are not going to fix your problems by doing the same stuff you've been doing.

Here's a typical approach...

When a marketer does not get sales for his business, he goes online to buy more traffic.

Ever been down that path?

And surely you know the outcome of it – the same result.

How many times do you want to go through the same frustrating process?

If you don't believe Z.E Model works, the fact is, I AM THE RESULT, which allows me to generate 6 figures monthly income while working for an average of only 2 hours per day.

And for my credibility, here are some testimonials from authorities of the industries…

Robert G. Allen, New York Times best-selling author of One Minute Millionaire, Multiple Streams of Income, Nothing Down and many best-seller hits

Corey Davis, ex-VP Of Marketing - ClickBank (this was given when he was with ClickBank)

Russell Brunson, Founder of ClickFunnels

Anik SIngal, founder of Lurn

Join AutomationCart For FREE!

I understand if you're still unsure. I don't blame you. With so many self-proclaimed Gurus out there, it's hard to know who's the real deal.

So, to win your trust, I'm not even going to take a single cent from you.

How about just join AutomationCart for free today and you'll get FULL ACCESS to everything....

  • The 10-Week Operation Zero Employees Training Program worth $4,997

  • AutomationCart All-In-One Marketing Platform worth $97/month

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  • BONUS #2: The NFTs for Creators Workshop Worth $997

  • BONUS #3: The AutomationCart Workshop Series Worth $297

Test-drive for 14 days free. Please go through the training and use my AutomationCart platform as much as you want.

If it doesn't turn out to be as impressive as I'm sharing with you here, no problem - just cancel. No hard feelings. Pay me nothing if you don't like it. Because I don't want to earn if I can't add value to you and help you make your first $1,000. If you've already started, I aim to help you enhance your business to make more money online.

It's 14 days free; you have zero risk.

If you decide to continue, it’ll only $97/month to continue using AutomationCart software platform and full access towards the training program. If not, you can just cancel at any time.

The only catch is, I'm not doing this for long. Because offering this 2-week free deal would means my company loses money from the cost of delivering the software to you.

So, grab the opportunity while it's still available in front of you...

Click the button below:

Warm regards,

Patric Chan

"There Are 101 Coaches Out There, Why Choose Patric For Coaching You?"

1. Pioneer Since 2003

While many "Gurus" and Coaches are available today, just so few pioneers are still around and thriving. And Patric Chan is not only a pioneer but a pioneer who consistently adapts to the new marketing landscape and technology. For instance, Patric Chan is probably the only internet marketing pioneer who is well-versed in Web3 and already started selling Web3 digital assets. Right now, he's also training his students how to become an AI entrepreneur for 2024.

2. Many Success Stories

A coach's expertise is not just measured by his success but by the success of his clients and students, including endorsements from other experts in the industry. Patric Chan has testimonials from ordinary people to millionaires, if you would like to hear them, you can watch them here, https://youtu.be/AM4FP3u5f8g

3. The Advantage Of Sun Tzu's Art of War And Western Strategies

For Patric Chan to win in business, he mastered the Eastern business philosophy, adapted from the Art of War. He combined advanced Western business strategies such as branding, direct response marketing, crafting offers, etc. He is only one of the few Gurus who can teach this today. Sun Tzu's Art of War includes the strategy of "Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt."

4. Different Expertise: Scale Small To Grow Your Profit

The conventional way of growing is to scale bigger - more volume, staff, bigger office, etc. Meanwhile, Patric's the only rare expert in the industry who knows how to scale smaller while leveraging the 3 core components of the Z.E model of Operation, Automation and Campaign to increase your profit without increasing your cost, risk and ultimately, headache. If you are looking to scale smaller while growing your profit, no other experts are ideal to show you how.

5. Experience In Various Of Verticals And Niches

You may see many testimonials from other Gurus or coaches, but most of the time, the testimonials are from students who are also in the "how to make money online" niche. It's called making money online by teaching other people how to make money online.

Patric Chan's clients and students include various verticals and niche markets including...

  • Internet marketing for real estate agents

  • Internet marketing to build a network marketing business

  • Building a newsletter business in the travel niche

  • ​Selling edible nuts via eCommerce in the local market

  • How to get more clients for offline businesses such as a clinic

  • ​How to sell expertise in various niche markets including Qi Qong, metaphysics, SEO training, eCommerce training, learning language, stock trading and many more

6. Immense Credibility

Patric has spoken in 12 countries as an authority in internet marketing, written 3 best-selling physical books, received ClickBank Platinum status 7 times, achieved a super affiliate status when he competed in launches, his seminar has been promoted to a bank (literally), been invited to give a presentation about online entrepreneurship by a Penang State Government's organization and many more. These are credibility that cannot be fabricated, but FACTS.

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